About Agrisoft Systems

Company Profile

PT Agrisoft Systems Indonesia is the developer and vendor of agricultural data management software and information and expert systems. We also develop custom made DBMS and GIS solutions and specialist systems according to customer specifications.

Since our first OMP-AMIS plantation management programmes were installed in Sumatra more than 10 years ago, Agrisoft Systems has experienced a continuous, yearly  growth of the customer base, and to date the software is licensed for about half a million hectare of oilpalm plantations in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, The Solomon Islands, Central and South America as well as Africa. Further details about our company can be found here.

Our Customers

Our customers are national and multinational plantation companies and food producers, like Cargill USA, Sipef Belgium, the Malaysian Kulim Group, or Bumitama Gunajaya Agro from Indonesia, as well as a number of medium sized companies or institutes, like the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI), DAMI oilpalm research station, or the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI). Please click here for a complete list.

Business environment

Any large scale agricultural activity changes the environment, but the plantation industry frequently finds itself singled out for converting primary forest into oilpalm estates, endangering biodiversity, and contributing to global warming e.g. through the conversion of deep peat soils. This is especially true in Indonesia due to the huge extensions in plantation area during the last two decades.

Consumer organizations and more and more end users demand transparency over the whole production cycle and insist on a detailed ‘proof of activity’ and on socially and ecologically acceptable production methods.

In addition, the industry as a whole is consistently underperforming by harvesting only about half of the site-specific yield potential of the areas currently planted with oilpalm, and has still an enormous scope for improvement.

Many of the leading companies are aware of the problems and move towards good management standards, agro-ecological long term sustainability, social acceptance and eco-labelling, and increased productivity.

At Agrisoft Systems we aim to develop the software tools required to analyse, implement and monitor the necessary management inputs at estate and field level. Our agricultural management information systems (AMIS) offer data management and GIS solutions for plantation crops, which set the industry standard for precision management in large scale commercial operations.

Our customer base are all companies who want to make the move towards increased productivity with sustainable production methods, and need the tools to manage the data and information for the practical field level implementation.

Products & Services

Our main product is the OMP information system for agronomy data management and precision agriculture in oilpalm plantations.

The whole software line includes modules to manage the typical physical data and perfor­mance parameters for all production stages: seed production and tissue culture, nursery management, and the whole life cycle during field planting.

The AMIS software is licensed to the end-user and supported by long term maintenance agreements, on-site trainings and user workshops.

The strength of our products is our open development concept. Solutions are developed in close cooperation with agronomists and technical services of our customers and with contributions from individual scientists, who are involved in the design and development steps and extensive field testing.

As a result, our software is easy to use and works under field conditions. The system provides relevant, usable information to agronomists, technical advisors and estate managers

The database can be adjusted to varying site-specific conditions and parameters in different locations, and fits for different organizational management structures.

The AMIS software is designed to support advanced field management concepts, like planting by progeny, yield profiles and site-specific productivity parameters, yield gap analysis for maximum economic yield targets, and various best management practices for nutrient management, harvesting and field upkeep tasks.

It covers integrated pest management (IPM), planning and tracking of chemicals and crop residue inputs, and soil protection. Many standard reports and maps in AMIS can be directly used for RSPO and ISO 14001 auditing and certification.

Agrisoft Systems also regularly take part in the scientific discussion during industry conferences, and we have published a number of technical and scientific papers on data processing methods for yield improvement and sustainability.

With our OMP software suite we provide the software support for long term trial projects for best management practices in 5 locations in Malaysia and Indonesia in a programme carried out by the International Plant Nutrition Institute IPNI, and a microorganism project by Teknik Istimewa Sdn Bhd (Malaysia).

Beside our plantation software, we develop custom made database and GIS programmes for project management and impact monitoring (GIZ German-Indonesian technical cooperation) and decision support systems (IRRI, PPI).

The Agrisoft Systems Team

We are a young, dynamic team of 16 programmers, software designers and administrative staff, supported by a team of advisors comprised of leading plantation agronomists and managers. We pride ourselves on being a close-knit group with a family-like atmosphere. Further information and profiles can be found here.