Training Workshops

At Agrisoft Systems we are aware that user training workshops can be a key step in helping you utilize the full power of our programs. A selection of various training courses we offer is given below. However, it should be noted that we place particular emphasis on tailoring our training sessions to the individual requirements of our users. As such, there is no fixed curriculum or list of topics to cover for any of the courses listed below, and topics from different courses may also be mixed according to requirements.

Training courses are usually led by two trainers for groups of up to 8 participants, and can be held either at the Agrisoft Systems head office in Yogyakarta or on location at our customers’ plantation or office. Prices for training courses depend on the number of participants, duration of the training course and whether an on-site visit is required or not. For the latest price information, please refer to our Product and Price List, while further information about our OMP training courses can be found in our OMP Training or Agrisoft Services brochures.

OMP-AMIS training courses

  • OMP-AMIS basic user training (4 days): OMP installation and data structure, system settings and maintenance, defining blocks and entering basic block data, using data analysis forms and reports, introduction to using OMP add-in programs and first look at OMP-GIS
  • OMP-AMIS advanced user training (3 days): overview of data analysis and reporting features in OMP-DBMS and add-ins, using on-screen and global filters to answer management questions, thematic mapping with OMP-GIS, data quality control and consistency checks
  • Advanced data analysis for agronomists (3 days): yield gap analysis and drill-down analysis for block history details, spatial analysis with OMP-GIS, using crop budgeting and crop forecast tools, OMP data export and query-writing for further analysis
  • OMP-AMIS for high-level management (2 days): using OMP reports to keep track of production, crop budgets and crop forecasts, monitoring harvesting process, fieldwork and fertilizer application with OMP, thematic mapping with OMP-GIS

OMP-GIS training

  • Introduction to OMP-GIS (2 days): creating and maintaining basic block maps, menu-driven thematic mapping, adding additional layers and overlays, creating multi-map layouts for printing and spatial analysis, exporting OMP-GIS maps

OMP Extension Program training courses

  • Introduction to OMP Nursery (3 days): defining nursery layout, plot sizes and lists of tasks to be carried out before and after planting, using OMP Nursery to track seedling stocks through all stages of the production process, seedling movement, culling, monthly audits and seedling dispatch or sale, fertilizer application and vegetative growth data, using on-screen and global filters for advanced data analysis
  • Introduction to OMP Seed Production (2 days): entering flower isolation and pollen collection data, scheduling pollination and bunch harvest dates, recording seed movement from cold store through hot room, germination and dispatch, monitoring seed stocks at all stages of the production process with OMP Seed Production
  • Introduction to OMP Tissue Culture (2 days): recording sample origin, defining treatments and culture media used, recording culture transfers from one stage to the next, monitoring culture stocks at all stages of the production process, data analysis of contamination, loss and multiplication rates
  • Introduction to OMP Ten Year Crop Budget (1 day): defining realistic yield profiles by palm age, entering existing plantation layout, planned new additions, standard replanting plans and exceptions, analyzing the long-term crop budget, exporting the budget to MS Excel