Maintenance and Upgrade Agreement (MUA)

In contrast to other investments such as mechanical equipment and the like, the database-driven agronomic decision support systems actually gain in value over time as a growing set of site-specific historical data is built up for the various management units in your operation. As such, it is clear that these database systems are valuable assets that are well worth being protected and maintained to utilize their full potential.

The importance of maintenance is particularly obvious in light of an ever-changing software and business environment. If a program is not updated regularly, even a seemingly minor issue such as an upgrade to a new operating system might cause the software to stop functioning and bring your entire agronomic data storage system crashing down. An equally important argument for the relevance of updating your program stems from the fact that plantation agriculture is a constantly evolving field. The introduction of new management techniques, data collection technology or certification requirements mean that program features can become essential which were of limited importance even a couple of years ago.

To tackle these issues and guarantee long-term integrity of your agronomic data, Agrisoft Systems offers the option of entering into a Maintenance and Upgrade Agreement (MUA) to cover your installed Agrisoft programs. For a low annual fee, MUA holders are entitled to numerous benefits ranging from free software updates to discounts on additional software purchases, as outlined below.

MUA Key Benefits

  • Free software upgrades with improved features (1 to 2 releases a year)
  • Free maintenance updates and bug fixes
  • Option of requesting high-priority changes/additions to the program
  • Free personal technical support
  • Free database maintenance support and assistance with regular data consistency checks
  • Free membership to the Agrisoft Systems web support area with access to manuals, documentation and technical reference papers
  • Discounts on purchases of new Agrisoft Systems software
  • Discounts on extensions of existing site licenses and on major software upgrades to a new version
  • Discounts on training workshops
  • Discounts on daily rates for on-site support and training visits

For detailed terms, conditions and prices please refer to the Agrisoft Systems Product and Price List.